Costs for house cleaning services in Nashville TN can change depending on how frequently and how many rooms you need cleaning. Prices for a one-time cleaning service that includes one bathroom and one bedroom can range from $125 for one room to $450 for six rooms and six bathrooms. But you can get discounts, especially if you want to do the cleaning bi weekly or monthly.

To help you find out the average cost of maid service in Nashville TN and the factors that determine the pricing of these house cleaning services, the experts at Nashville Maids have put together the following brief guide.

Check out Nashville Maids in Nashville, Tennessee for precise pricing on the house cleaning services you’re interested in, or get in touch with us for a quote.

The Main Factors that Impact the Cost of House Cleaning Services in Nashville

Multiple factors affect the rates of professional house cleaning services in Nashville TN. Among these factors are the following:

1. Home’s Size and Condition

Your house gets dirtier and costs more as it gets bigger. The cleaning service will require extra time and cleaning resources if it has a vast space or you haven’t had your home cleaned in a long time. The cost of house cleaning as a whole goes up as a result.

Due to this, many independent house cleaning service providers and businesses base their prices on the property’s square foot—the number of hours required to clean a larger home increases.

2. How Disorganized is the Space

Depending on how disorganized you are, the cost of house cleaning may also change. For instance, professional cleaners will need extra time and specialized equipment to remove pet hair, stains, or splatters. If you have young children, pets, or both, house cleaning agencies will probably charge you more.

3. Cleaning Category & Methods

The level of house cleaning can significantly impact how much it costs to clean your house. Does your place need a basic cleaning merely to freshen it up? Or maybe your home needs a thorough cleaning that has been overdue.

Some of the most popular cleaning categories and methods are listed below:

  • Regular/standard house cleaning: With this kind of cleaning, your home will be presentable for visitors. The professionals will clean, dust, organize, mop, and sweep your space with this tier.
  • Deep cleaning: A deep clean is necessary if this is your first time working with a cleaning company or your property requires additional care. This kind of cleaning is more comprehensive than regular cleaning and is used to get rid of dirt and grime at a deeper level.
  • Move in or Move out cleaning: This service will make your house or apartment move-in or move-out ready. This kind of house cleaning ensures that your landlord will return the security deposit if you move out.

4. Cleaning Frequency

How often you want your home cleaned will also influence the cost. The cost per visit decreases with the number of times the cleaner visits in a month. Some related services will gladly give you a discount if you sign a long-term contract or pay for several stops ahead of time.

5. Standard vs. Green Cleaners

Nowadays, many individuals choose to use non-toxic, ecologically friendly cleaning supplies. You must inform your service provider immediately if you prefer an eco-friendly cleaning method.

Many businesses will be happy to offer you eco-friendly house cleaning. Most of the time, they request that you supply your cleaning supplies or pay for theirs. So, if you prefer particular products, it can affect how much it costs to clean your house.

How Your Choice of Services in Nashville TN Affects the Rates

Services do occasionally affect how much it costs to clean a house. We refer to it as specialization.

If you request more specialized offers, such as outdoor window washing, appliance cleaning, dusting off ceiling fans, and hardwood floor upkeep, your price will also reflect this. Specialized cleaning always costs extra.

Additional Factors That May Affect Pricing

Other minor and unimportant factors could impact how much your service will cost. For instance:

#1. Company or individual cleaning service

Whether you choose a company or an individual cleaner, the cleaning service you receive will impact the cost.

#2. Experience

A cleaner’s price may vary depending on how many years of experience they have as a business or individual. In most circumstances, this will resonate more with individual contract cleaners than businesses.

#3. How they charge

Whether they charge an hourly or a flat rate impacts the cost of items, particularly in minor circumstances like an apartment cleaning service. Apartment cleaning takes fewer hours than house cleaning, so this could result in cost savings.

Why Hire a Reliable Cleaning Company to Clean Your Place?

  • Save time: Save time by not only accounting for the time you spend cleaning but also factoring in the time spent finding the appropriate cleaning tools and cleaning them after use. All of it adds up! Instead, you can use your time to do what you like.
  • Play your part as responsible renters or homeowners: It is only polite to clean the entire residential apartment if your lease ends completely. Cleaner spaces are considerably more appealing if you plan to rent out your room or house.
  • Guaranteed quality services: We have heard reports of freelancers entering your home under the pretense of cleaning it while stealing all your possessions. Or cleaners who clean your window grilles while wiping the paint off them. Yikes! Try to choose home cleaning professionals with positive reviews and 
  • Deep cleaning required: Deep cleaning is necessary since there is constantly too much dust and trash following a renovation. Or even after spending a whole week working or studying from home as a family. Instead, use a post-renovation cleaning service to avoid a potential allergic reaction.

Tips to Finding Affordable House Cleaning Services in Nashville TN

It usually costs money to ask someone to work hard to tidy your house. But how much does it cost exactly?

It can be challenging to find professionals that offer reasonably priced services. There are many factors to consider and issues to discuss with your prospective cleaning contractor.

What exactly is required to get a cleaning service for your home that is of high quality and, at the very least, reasonably priced? Here are some things to keep in mind:

#1. Research and Make Inquiries

Researching a possible cleaning service for your home is vital because you would be giving someone else access to your things.

Consider this. You welcome them into your home, where you keep your possessions, your security, and possibly your fortune. 

It’s important to note that researching your cleaning service will also give you a general notion of the cost they charge. Having said that, take your time compiling a list of businesses and compare their deals’ affordability. Gather as many estimates as possible to make selecting a cleaning service that suits your budget simpler.

#2. Contact a Company Representative

Once you’ve identified a suitable cleaning service, you need to confirm that it is the one you’re looking for.

You can tell whether the service is the best by asking the right questions. You might want to ask about surcharges that you might not have noticed during the first inspection.

#3. Decide the Type of Cleaning Service You Need

The cost of cleaning services in Nashville TN might vary considerably. Everything depends on your house’s size and how frequently you wish to clean it. However, if the cleaning requires a few daily trips, you should expect to pay less.

You must compare prices, order the required services, and avoid pointless extra services.

Benefits of Employing Professional Cleaning Services for Your House

A clean home simplifies daily tasks because you’ll feel more at ease and in charge. Additionally, it might improve your mood and make you feel satisfied. Many people have discovered that their relationships and mental health improved after hiring professionals.

Additionally, having a clean house can boost your creativity and confidence in social situations. Consider to hire expert house cleaners if you want your house to be at its best.

A routine house cleaning will eliminate allergy-causing dust and filth. Children and the elderly, whose immune systems are not as strong, are protected by this. Since the pandemic is still around, you can never be too careful about protecting your family.

Bottom Line: It Pays to Look Around for an Affordably Priced House Cleaning Service!

Finding a cleaning service is difficult, let alone one that has a reasonable cost.

It takes a lot of time to select an economical cleaning service. That is unless you know a cleaning service like Nashville Maids Services that offers affordable solutions for your house cleaning needs. With enough patience, you can find the perfect partner to help maintain your home spotless.


  1. How frequently should you use cleaning services?

It depends on your budget and how much grit you can tolerate. Some people use house cleaning services once a week, twice a month, four times a year, or even more frequently.

Choose a one-time cleaning service if you’ve never used one before to get a feel for the experience. After all, you can attempt various low-cost cleaning and housekeeping services in the Philippines.

  1. Do I need to do anything before the house cleaners arrive at my home?

Most house cleaners ask for personal items to be put away before they come. This makes the cleaning process go faster. Additionally, it ensures that nothing important is transferred where you might lose it.

  1. Should I supply the cleaning materials for them?

No, the house cleaning service will supply its cleaning materials. However, you are welcome to provide those with instructions on proper usage if you require using particular products in your home for whatever reason.

  1. Is the initial cleaning longer?

Yes. Usually, the initial cleaning takes longer than subsequent cleanings. How long it has been since your home underwent a deep cleaning, how many people reside there, whether pets are there, the size of your home, and other factors will affect how long the initial cleaning takes.

  1. Why should I entrust my cleaning needs to Nashville Maids?

We are delighted to hire domestic housekeepers who are committed to doing a professional job of cleaning the household. After thorough background checks, each staff member learns every step of our comprehensive house cleaning processes. These are only a few factors that give clients confidence in Nashville Maids.

  1. Who does Nashville Maids hire to clean my home?

You can rest easy knowing that everyone on our staff is a licensed, insured professional. We show our clients respect by not using appliances, eating, drinking, or smoking while cleaning their homes.

We’re proud to wear our uniforms to work, which are well-known, and to offer services that go above and beyond. We often conduct training sessions to keep up with the trends in cleaning methods. For added security and comfort, a dependable and knowledgeable supervisor holds us accountable for the work we do for customers.

  1. How will our partnership work?

At Nashville Maids, we know how important it is to talk to you, especially about sensitive things in your home and any cleaning needs you might have. Our house cleaning employees value your trust and go above and beyond to earn it by giving you reliable, cost-effective, high-quality cleaning services that go above and beyond to meet your needs.